Elon Musk is looking to add new features, including game streaming and live shopping, as part of his quest to turn X into an “everything app.” The company is already experimenting with a game streaming feature that is currently accessible to X Premium subscribers.

Musk demonstrated the feature on Sunday night at A 54-minute Diablo IV game stream posted on an anonymous Twitter account with the nickname @cyb3rgam3r420. X employee Mark Kalman then shared a video explaining how Premium subscribers can set up game streaming from their accounts using Open Broadcaster Software (OBS). It looks like viewers will be able to add comments during the stream, but for now streaming on X lacks most of the other features that platforms like Twitch have.

The company also said it will begin experimenting with live shopping features through a new partnership with Paris Hilton. According to Variety, Hilton has committed to creating “four original video content per year that will include live shopping features.”

However, it’s unclear whether X’s infrastructure will be able to keep up with the new live streaming features. When Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis appeared in a Spaces chat in May to announce a run for president with Musk, the stream repeatedly crashed. It seems that the issues are still not completely resolved. Last week Musk attempted to live-stream his visit to the US-Mexico border when the video feed suddenly cut off after about four minutes.

Source: www.engadget.com