Gmail has long offered some handy quick replies that you can use if you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to write a reply. However, the ability to reply to an email using emoji was missing until now. And that is changing now, as Google has announced emoji reactions for Gmailso you will be able to respond to e-mails in the same way as to IM (instant messaging).

Google has already started rolling out the new feature to your Android device. You’ll know you already have access to it if it appears at the bottom of your email when you open it in the app smiley icon. Tap the icon to open a menu where you’ll also find emoji options to choose from, some including your own short animations. For example, if you choose the party popper emoji, the recipients will appear on the screen digital confetti. However, for non-Gmail recipients, the new feature will be more complicated, as they will receive each response as a separate email.

While sending emoji reactions will only be possible on Android right now, the feature will be rolling out over the next few months even to iOS devices and the web.