According to Apple’s latest list of obsolete products, they are first generation Apple Watch officially obsoleteincluding models Hermes a Watch Edition in 18-carat gold for $17,000. So it means that the Watch “Series 0” models, which were first released in 2015, already they do not support hardware service and providers they cannot order spare parts.

In addition to the list of obsolete products, Apple also has „vintage“ list for products it stopped distributing more than five years ago but less than seven years ago. The current list for the public (which should be updated soon) also includes watches Series 2which means they will soon be on the deprecated list as well.

This message may stimulate a new discussion about the so-called planned obsolescence. According to Apple’s Obsolete Products page, the company is only required to supply parts for five years after the product was last distributed (law in France extends this period to seven years for iPhones and Mac laptops). This discussion has already started in the past series of changes – for example, the company was forced to implement changes regarding device repairability, and a new EU law forced Apple to change the charging/data port from Lightning to USB-C.