Patreon announced big changes to its platform on Wednesday. New features enable creators more personalization and control and at the same time offer the audience more ways to follow your favorite creators. In addition, the platform integrates more free content and will allow any creator to host communities that even non-paying members can access. Patreon also revamped its branding with a new logo, color themes, photos, and fonts.

Probably the most significant news for creators is the possibility to present content also for non-paying members. Creators can now leave interested parties free to join, offer content and updates for non-paying viewers while (optionally) hiding things like earlier access to podcasts or videos behind a paywall. They can also use a new trading tool and sell individual pieces of content such as recordings, videos and downloads. The platform thus catered especially to fans who do not want to pay for now, but may decide to do so later.

The creators have now also acquired more options for customizing your site, including their layout, colors and how posts are displayed. ,Whether you’re highlighting your most popular posts, organizing podcast episodes by season, or curating a video series, you have the creative freedom to organize and present your work to help your followers dive into exactly what they’re looking for and discover new posts they’ll love. fall in love,” the company wrote in a blog post. Patreon says initial testing has shown increased interest in discovering new content and greater engagement overall.

Patreon too adds chats and member profiles. The chats will be managed by the creators themselves, with chat members able to report problematic messages and a hub for creators to review.

The Patreon app is also getting a makeover new design. The company says the new look has been created to appeal to the biggest fans, and will display content as organized by creators rather than chronologically. This way, viewers will see everything they need immediately. “Their homepage is organized by creators, not posts, meaning fans see a creator’s latest work alongside their conversations and everything that’s happening in their world,” the company wrote.