Platform X is introducing more changes, this time related to the display of posts. You can now look completely different, especially if you follow news and media publications. The platform started from published links remove headlines and article titles. The company already informed about this change in August. At the time, owner Elon Musk stated that the idea came directly from him and that significantly will improve the aesthetics of the platform. When viewing articles on iOS, only the image of the article is displayed with an overlay of its URL, however, the web still displays an excerpt of the article and a shortened version of its headline.

Reportedly to advertisers did not like the new format, when his proposal was presented to them, but the change is apparently being pushed through anyway. The main reason for the format change is, according to X, apparently striving for a more compact appearance of posts by fitting more of them into the timeline shown on the screen. Beyond that, Musk reportedly thinks the change could help reduce instances of clickbaitwhich is based precisely on the headlines of articles, usually with shocking and otherwise significant messages.

While Musk has publicly stated that the main reason for the format change is the site’s aesthetics, it’s no secret that he’s trying to encourage more people to publish long-form posts directly on X. Under his leadership, the platform expanded the post limit for subscribers to 25,000 characters, and he previously tweeted that journalists who want more freedom of speech and more income should publish directly on the platform. He recently tried to support journalists and emphasized that everyone can easily shoot live videos with their phone.