Warnings have appeared on discussion forums for users of Apple’s latest phone. Wireless charging in Bavarian cars is said to damage it.

Charging without cables can be found today in a number of cars from the lowest classes. It’s a convenient way to charge your smartphone without having to plug it in. It works simply – the charging pad contains a coil that generates a variable magnetic field when energized. In the coil of the electronic device, this is then induced into an electric current. According to the current version of the Qi 2.0 standard from this year, charging is possible up to 15 watts.

On the forums Reddit, MacRumors and the social network X/TWitter a few days ago, unpleasant experiences of owners of the new iPhone 15 with inductive chargers in BMW cars appeared. Their devices went into data recovery mode while charging, and after restarting, their NFC chip, which is used for short-distance communication – for example, for payment, but also for the Apple CarKey function, which allows the phone to be used to conveniently unlock the car – stopped working.

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In addition, owners report that their iPhones overheated when inductively charged – this is why some cars now have charging pad cooling. BMW told colleagues from The Drive portal that it is dealing with this problem – we’ll see what it comes up with.

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