An Enyaq with a range of up to 565 km can be yours for 1.36 million.

The Škoda Enyaq in the 80 and 80x versions is a thing of the past, the new versions are the improved 85 and 85x versions with a stronger rear electric motor, the same system output of 210 kW and a longer range than before. With the 85, you can simply go further and faster. Now we also know the Czech prices – the 85 version costs at least 1,364,900 CZK and the 85x costs 1,464,900 CZK. We are talking about the SUV body and the basic Clever equipment.

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Skoda Enyaq 80 vs 85: technical data
Version 80 85 80x 85x
Power (kW) 150 210 195 210
Acceleration (s) 8,5 6,7 6,8 6,6
Range (km) 543 565 519 538
Charging power (kW) 135 135 175

It’s not just about performance, range and shorter charging times, the 85 versions have new software 4.0 with a redesigned user interface. The button panel has also been redesigned, and the digital instrument panel and head-up display have new graphics. Otherwise, even with the basic Clever, you can count on three-zone air conditioning, navigation, adaptive cruise control, heated front seats, wireless charging of mobile phones and many others.

The extra equipment that Sportline has can be purchased by Clever for CZK 50,000. Specifically, these are side airbags at the back, assisted driving 2.5, Matrix LED headlights, electric trunk lid, Top LED rear lights with animated direction indicators, front headlight washers or an electrically controlled driver’s seat.

Škoda Enyaq 85 and 85x: Czech prices
Clever 60 (132 kW/398 km) 1,239,900 CZK
Clever 85 (210 kW/565 km) CZK 1,364,900
Clever 85x (210 kW/538 km) 1,464,900 CZK
Sportline 60 (132 kW/394 km) 1,319,900 CZK
Sportline 85 (210 kW/553 km) 1,444,900 CZK
Sportline 85x (210 kW/527 km) 1,544,900 CZK
RS (250 kW/539 km) 1,644,900 CZK
*prices and data apply to the SUV body variant