Company X according to Bloomberg is testing three subscription levels to help it solve its financial woes. Details are scarce for now, however it appears that the levels will be tiered according to the number of adswhich are displayed on the platform.

Developer and leaker with the nickname X @aaronp613 dug into the source code of the latest iOS app update and discovered some information about these proposed subscription tiers, although the information has been trickling out since last week. It looks like the levels will be split into Basic, Standard a Plus, as a Bloomberg report suggests. Basic users will see normal amount of adswhether tagged or not, while Standard subscription users will see half of the ads, which corresponds to the current benefit exclusive to users who pay $8 for a blue pipe every month. It will not be shown to Plus users no advertising.

It’s unclear how much these tiers will costanyway, a similar move is reportedly being made by Meta in Europe, where it could charge users up to $17 per month for an ad-free tier on Instagram and Facebook.

Aside from ads, it’s not yet clear what other benefits these subscription levels would provide to users. It also remains to be seen whether this move hints the company’s pursuit of a mandatory subscription to use the service. However, given that the paid basic plan is said to show the current level of ads, it’s hard to imagine what it would look like on a regular free account with tons of ads.

As for the company’s financial results, Bloomberg reports that CEO Linda Yaccarino recently told bank lenders that advertisers are returning to the platform, albeit with reduced budgets. On the other hand, Reuters revealed that Company X’s advertising revenue in the US since Musk’s acquisition they are falling sharply every monthwith the latest data showing that there was up to a 60% year-on-year drop in August.