Lexus has made no secret of its plans to bring an electric successor to the LFA model. But at the same time, you intend to use advanced plug-in hybrid technology and the registration of two trademarks. So there may be more than one supersport on the way.

It has been 11 years since the last of 500 Lexus LFAs left the Motomachi factory. The development of this car would be extremely long. It started at the turn of the millennium and included three concepts introduced in 2005, 2007 and 2008. The production version is still a technical masterpiece to this day, especially with regard to the revving 4.8-liter ten-cylinder with a thrilling scream before reaching the limiter at 9000 rpm.

Last year, Lexus announced that it was working on a spiritual successor, but it will still have a long way to go. Work is in full swing, as evidenced by the August filing of a patent application for the LFA designation with the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Where the model is headed was hinted at by the Electrified Sport concept presented at Goodwood last year. Lexus revealed that the new sports car will hit 100 km/h in around two seconds and its electric drive will be rated for a range of 700 km. The automaker will achieve respectable values ​​through solid-state batteries, but Toyota will only start using them in 2025 and initially only in hybrids.

Thus, this variant, which was allowed by the earlier concept, also comes into play. At the time, there was talk of a plug-in hybrid V8 with 937 horsepower. Although the prototype did not see production, Toyota is developing a road version of the GR GT3 concept, which should hit the roads with the Lexus logo. By the way, spy lenses caught the car during tests on the track. Also, Lexus has filed a trademark application for the LFR designation, so we may be seeing two sporty models.

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The skeleton and body of the LFA will contain a high proportion of carbon fiber. We should expect electronic control as well as smart torque vectoring from technical gadgets. It is not yet known how many electric motors the LFA will get. Although the LFA will be electric, there is talk of simulated manual shifting through the transmission’s software. Considering that the vast majority of components come from its own production, it has a wide range of hands when it comes to technology.