The only way to keep a large number of brands running under one roof is to increase the ratio of shared components and centralize production. In the south of Italy, completely different models of different brands will now meet within the Stellantis group.

The Stellantis group currently brings together nine large brands, and keeping them going is becoming more and more difficult. Especially when significant funds have gone to Alfa Romeo to strengthen the model range and others are going to Lancia, which is planning a big comeback. The only way is to consolidate production and achieve greater unity.

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In the next two years, the group plans a wave of new models, many of which will be spiritual successors to the current ones. We can start, for example, with the Opel Insignia, whose production in Rüsselsheim ended last year. Opel has previously hinted that the design will be based on the Manta-e and Experimental concepts. The upper mid-ranger will continue as an electric liftback produced in Melfi, Italy, alongside the DS9. By the way, he will also get a successor at that time. The Jeep Compass is also produced in Melfi, which, together with the Renegade Fiat 500X, will meet the same fate in the next two years.

The plan to unify production in Melfi also includes the popular SUV DS 7. This will continue as an electric car from 2025, the basis of which will also be shared by the new Lancia model. The STLA Medium platform used by the current Peugeot e-3008 comes into consideration. At the same time, Stellantis is working on a new platform tailored to clean electric cars.


Founded in 1941, Jeep won a competition announced by the US Army. From 1945, it also started producing civilian off-road vehicles.

It is a traditional off-road manufacturer and its name is often synonymous with this type of car. It belongs to the Stellantis group.

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