The debut of the second generation of the Škoda Kodiaq SUV took place this Wednesday in Berlin, and if you at least occasionally stumble across automotive topics on the Internet, this event certainly did not escape your attention. Mladoboleslav took the event spectacularly, after all, it is said to be the last Mladoboleslaw SUV with an internal combustion engine. And there are so many novelties that you could easily miss the less noticeable ones.

The label “Simply Clever” is unimaginably associated with Škoda cars, yet it was somehow spared when presenting the new Kodiaq. At the same time, the novelty that we are going to show you now deserves a particularly high praise for its simple but very smart solution.

The trend of modern times is screens, which you can find in almost every new car today. And because a large number of functions are controlled through them, after a few rides, fingerprints or all kinds of smudges are visible on them. And that’s exactly what Škoda thought of with the new Kodiaq!

Photo: Škoda

The cleaner in the form of a small gray block is one of several elements of the center console. And when you don’t need them at the moment, the space can be closed with a blind.

In the equipment, we find a small cube that serves as a screen cleaner and at the same time has a spray in it for moistening the display. Although it is an inconspicuous part of the cabin, it is so important that it has even earned its own compartment in the interior. The cleaner is located on the center console above the cup holders, right next to the change compartments.

And one more good news: you don’t necessarily have to buy the entire Kodiaq to get this innovation. The 2-in-1 cleaner is available at the Škoda e-shop for a price of CZK 319, while the content of the container inside is enough for 120 sprays. So, if the Škoda inscription on the box doesn’t irritate you, you can buy the novelty for any car with a touch screen.

However, the smart solutions of the new Kodiaq do not end there. For example, the SUV has two surfaces for wireless phone charging, both of which have ventilation to keep the smartphone from overheating. But the innovation of the cabin, which is the most talked about after the presentation, is the smart Smart Dials, through which you can set the temperature and countless other functions of the car.

It’s funny that the screen cleaner will offer as the first car, where the most important thing is still set with the good old controllers. However, kudos to Kodiak for both!

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