For example, a Toyota Camry Hybrid car in Singapore, including the cost of a ten-year license, will cost about 250,000 Singapore dollars (over four million CZK), which is about six times more than in the United States, writes the BBC.

A system of ten-year permits to own cars and motorcycles was introduced by the Asian island city-state in 1990 as a measure against traffic congestion. Permits, the price of which varies according to the type of motor vehicle, are sold in bi-weekly auctions. The number of permits offered is determined by the government.

Although Singapore is relatively small, it is among the countries with the highest number of millionaires in the world. However, an ordinary Singaporean with an average salary of around S$70,000 a year can hardly afford a car. The government is trying to motivate residents to use Singapore’s public transport, which is described as one of the best in the world, writes the BBC.