No chips or cards, charging bills at the end of the month – feeding Korean electric cars will now be easier.

In cooperation with its partners, Kia introduces the Plug & Charge automatic charging system in Europe. This allows the vehicle to be simply connected without prior verification with a chip, application or card – the station identifies the vehicle and the customer itself through the exchange of digital certificates. This is provided by the ecosystem of the provider Hubject.

The service will first be available on the EV9 model, and will later be extended to the entire Kia electric vehicle fleet. “Plug & Charge is a very practical technology that eliminates unnecessary handling, which means a faster and smoother check-in for our customers,” says Sjoerd Knipping, vice president of marketing and product planning at Kia Europe.

Kia EV9 has a Czech price list.  The base is slightly under two million, the fastest ones get tens of thousands for charging

“By offering customers electric cars together with state-of-the-art charging methods, we facilitate the transition to sustainable mobility and at the same time confirm our position as a strong player in the highly competitive European electric car market.” supplies.