The 1990s, the period immediately following the fall of communism, took place in a special atmosphere that can perhaps be simply described in three words: everything was possible.

An unusual freedom arrived (with which, admittedly, Czech society was quite difficult to cope with) and the world opened up to us. If you lived through the 1990s, you certainly have your own perspective on this time, but you certainly understand what we mean.

And if you also sometimes like to reminisce about the 90s (or are interested in this era, even if you missed it), we could please you with some remarkable photos from an event that perfectly describes the 90s.

It is the Trabant Cup from 1993, a special race of modified Trabants at the Mostec autodrome, in which several celebrities took part. And also personalities who only became more famous a few years later.

In the pictures we see, for example, Jan Rosák, Josef Alois Náhlovský, Petr Novotný, Karel Šíp, Michal Suchánek or Vladimír Hron and Renata Dlouha. But you will certainly discover other familiar faces, for example in the crews of Czech Television…

In addition to celebrities and strangely modified Trabants, you can also appreciate a look at the fashion of the time represented by brightly colored suits, ill-fitting jeans (which have recently come back into fashion) or moccasins with white socks.

According to the photos, Jan Rosák dominated the race, which, in addition to the ride itself, also included eating randomly selected dishes in deliberately mismatched combinations (in the style of wafer with pate).

The pictures were generously provided to us by the well-known photographer Luboš Dvořák from Mostec, who manages the amazing page Dvořák’s PhotoHistory on the social network Facebook. You will find a lot of fascinating historical photos on it, especially related to life in Most and its surroundings.