The collaboration between Amazon Luna and Ubisoft has now been deepened with the release of a new feature of this cloud gaming service, namely the possibility not only to stream but also to buy games on this platform. Subscribers can now purchase select Ubisoft games from Luna. It’s on the menu several Assassin’s Creed titles, Far Cry games, Child of Light and Watch Dogs.

Customers will be able to purchase any game they want within Luna using their Amazon account (if their Ubisoft account is linked). Amazon states that subscribers will own a license for the purchased game and they will be able to play it either on Luna-enabled devices or on a computer, if they download the title for offline play via Ubisoft Connect PC. The list of devices that support the service includes Fire TV devices, Chromebooks and phones.

All titles a user purchases will appear in their Amazon Luna library and all their game purchases will they sync with his Ubisoft account regardless of where he pays for them. Of course, users will only be able to stream games on Luna for as long as they’re a Prime subscriber or member, but even if they stop paying for the service, they won’t lose access to those titles entirely.

Amazon Luna seems to have taken inspiration from Google Stadia, which was the only cloud gaming platform that allowed users to purchase games. Unfortunately, Amazon hasn’t said yet whether it plans to expand its purchase of games and sell titles from other developers as well.