If we delve into the depths of automotive history, the iconic Tatraplan T600 was created as a convertible. The conversion was carried out by the Sodomka body shop in Vysokémyth, and the car was later presented to JV Stalin for his birthday. But Stalin allegedly never drove this model, so the car returned to the Czech Republic years later and is now on display in the Technical Museum in Kopřivnice.

Photo: Jan Majurník

The T600 cabriolet once dedicated to Stalin has been back in the Czech Republic since 1976.

In any case, the T603 never saw the factory version of the cabriolet, only a few “samo-domo” pieces and a bunch of unrealized design sketches and proposals were created. Officially, as open, only T613 began to be produced in pieces. However, we are going back to the T603 era and presenting it to you in the spirit of an official production convertible. Our in-house designer Rosťa Prokop was not lazy and stripped the Tatra T603 of its fixed roof.

If we look at the bow, it has remained practically unchanged. There are symmetrically arranged four light eyes, a chrome grille and a chrome bumper, indicating the later T603 series. On the sides, we find drop-shaped blinkers embedded in a chrome strip stretching across the entire side, chrome handles and classic discs with chrome covers.

Photo: Rostislav Prokop for Garáž.cz

The car shines with chrome strips and accessories.

The lower rear part remains unchanged, complete with vertical headlights, a chrome (as usual) bumper and a pair of functional exhaust tips.

At the back, a traditional air-cooled fork eight-cylinder with a volume of 2.5 liters tuned to an output of 77 kW works. The top speed of the cabriolet is 150 km/h, acceleration from zero to 100 takes the car in 22 seconds, and consumption is then aimed at 15 liters per 100.

Photo: Rostislav Prokop for Garáž.cz

The pillarless solution gives the car elegance.

As part of the convertible variant, the original windshield and the first triangular windows remained in the front, while the rest of the windows, including modified pillars, are recessed into the body. Pull-down side pillars are inspired by American cars, where this solution was used quite commonly.

The stern itself is modified in the upper part for the neat composition of the retractable roof, which is covered by a nylon waterproof cover. This is so that the vehicle looks stunning and elegant even in the “top without” position.

Finally, our designer put the Tatra T603 Cabriolet in a real environment, so when you look at the pictures, you feel as if such a car really existed and someone photographed it, so to speak, on the street.

We remind you again that this is not a real factory model, but a virtual vision of how such a car rolling off the production line in Kopřivnice or Příbor would actually look. We like it, but what about you? How do you like the open Tatra T603? Share your opinion with us in the comments below the article.

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