Mark Gurman told Bloomberg that Apple’s future AR headset could be smaller and lighter, and could already ship from the factory adapted for users with visual impairments.

With the first-generation Vision Pro, the company addressed this issue by stocking Zeiss-made lenses in retail stores, but this caused supply problems and partially turned the electronics store into a healthcare provider.

This situation also revealed how problematic is the connection of an electronic product with a health limitation, which can also change over time (changing the number of diopters, etc.), which also entails the issue of sharing the headset between multiple users or difficulties in the event of donation or resale.

However, Apple is trying to come up with effective solutions in this regard. Back in August, he filed patents that show he’s interested in making a VR or AR display that would be possible adjust so that it can correct vision at the same time. We are therefore curious how the whole thing will develop in the end. The question is also how much this innovation will raise the price of the product, which is already quite expensive.