However, the history of the practical Sharan model goes back to 1991, when Volkswagen, in cooperation with the Ford brand, created the concept of a family car in the MPV category, the series production of which began four years later, in September 1995.

In 2010, the second generation of the Sharan model was introduced, the development and production of which was already exclusively in the hands of the Volkswagen concern.

After a facelift in 2015, it was expected to end production in 2019, but the popularity of the large MPV with two sliding side doors and a spacious and variable interior from Volkswagen led to the extension of production for another three years.

And a sequel was reportedly on the table after those, but those ideas were nixed by ongoing supply chain issues. The last Volkswagen Sharan left the gates of the Portuguese Palmela plant on October 10, 2022.

The German automaker has not prepared a direct successor, that is, if we do not count the Viloran model, which, although it represents a classic MPV, is significantly larger than the Sharan, and is also intended exclusively for the Chinese market.

In Europe, those interested in a large Volkswagen brand vehicle have to choose from the Touran models, which is smaller and will surely soon end, the Caddy Maxi, the Multivan or the passenger versions of the Transporter T6.1. We can also mention the electric ID. Buzz, which will arrive next year in an extended version that will finally offer up to a seven-seat interior.

But what if Volkswagen returns the Sharan model to the offer in the future? This question was asked by a graphic artist, designer and virtual artist appearing on social networks such as Sugarchow or Sugar Design.

He created his own concept of the third generation of this legendary family MPV. When designing the appearance, of course, he took into account the current design language of the Volkswagen brand, he was mainly inspired by the ID.7 electric sedan. This can be seen especially in the design of the front parts, which are very similar to the ID.7 – both in the shape of the bumper and the solution of the lights.

The designer equipped his idea with abundant glazing and sliding doors, and the long wheelbase is also impressive. Sugarchow envisages that the new Sharan would run on electricity, hence the concept name ID. Sharan.

Would you like such a return of the Volkswagen Sharan?

Yes, the classic MPV is missing from the Volkswagen range.

Yes, but only with internal combustion engines.

No, such a car would be useless.

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