But Sunday’s race in Qatar came and McLaren’s mechanics were hyped up in it. And they were able to take over Lando Norris in exactly 1.8 seconds! Little did they know that they had achieved a world record. Actually three records in one.

McLaren managed the fastest stop this season. Until now, the first place was held by Red Bull, who served Pérez in Hungary in 1.98 seconds. However, the mechanics did extremely well during the Qatar race, as even Ferrari managed to overcome the fastest stop to date, which overtook Leclerc in 1.93 seconds.

But back to McLaren. We are also talking about the fastest stop in the modern era, that is, since the FIA ​​approved the use of larger eighteen-inch wheels with the change of single-seaters. But most of all, apparently, it really is an absolute world record, no F1 stop has ever been faster before! Check out the video above though, it was a decent flick.

McLaren underlined the form of its mechanics with another successful stop for colleague Piastri, who was able to rush out of his stall after exactly two seconds. In the end, it meant a nice bonus for the British team to the second and third places, only the newly crowned champion Verstappen was faster in the race. However, the satisfaction for Piastri was the victory in Saturday’s sprint.

Photo: DHL Motorsports

Black on white. An overview of the fastest stops during this year’s Qatar GP.

The situation in the Qatar race was extremely nutritious for pit stops. The management of F1 has set a maximum number of laps that can be driven on one set due to high tire degradation. This is the first time we have seen something like this. The driver therefore had to go to the mechanics after 18 laps at the latest, which meant at least three stops during the race. Verstappen grabbed the win even with four pit stops.

Will the record stop in 1.8 seconds ever be surpassed?

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