If the word moped doesn’t mean anything to you, then think of the legendary Babetta and you’re at home. In a way, it’s actually a better bicycle with an engine that can get you from point A to point B without pedaling for a relatively ridiculous amount of fuel. And if it’s the worst and you have to get off the road, you just stomp on the pedals.

Photo: mpKorado

A classic moped with pedals and an internal combustion engine? You don’t see that much today.

However, these means of transport basically died out and were replaced by electric scooters, which can whiz by much faster, are quieter, more modern and many times more economical to operate, but…

Few scooters of a comparable price will go nearly 200km on a single charge, and not everyone is thrilled to have to wait for their machine to charge. That is why there are mopeds with internal combustion engines, which in their authentic form with pedals were almost killed by the EURO 5 emission standard, but at least one model type survived and we tested it.

Photo: mpKorado

The machine is available in red, blue, gray and green.

The full name is mpKorado Supermaxi 50 EFI EURO 5, i.e. a model that evolved from its Euro 4 predecessor and which is backed by the Czech company MP KORADO CZ from Uherské Hradiště.

The base of the machine is a galvanized iron frame, stainless steel mudguards, coil spring rear suspension with adjustable shock absorbers, classic oil fork and 14-inch aluminum wheels.

Photo: mpKorado

The lighting is completely diode, including the main lamp.

The lighting of the vehicle is completely diode, the brakes are drum, the tachometer is standard analogue, the tank is made of metal with a volume of 3.5 liters with a locking lid. You then choose between a single seat and a comfortable two-seat seat.

Range up to 180 km

Closer examination and also the possibility of comparing the machine with its predecessor revealed how much development progress they made in Uherské Hradiště. In short, the current model weighing approximately 68 kg does not look like a child’s toy, the materials used appear to be more robust, and even tactile handling does not indicate that it should be a low-quality machine.

Photo: mpKorado

The Supermaxi 50 is made according to the mpKorado concept in China, then tuned and assembled in the Czech Republic.

And please, these mopeds are made in China (Hong Kong). In the Czech Republic, they are only completed, checked, or possibly improved with, for example, a mobile phone holder, carrier basket, suitcases, USB port, digital speedometer, front Plexiglas or other rosette for frequent driving in hilly terrain.

There is an overall minimum of plastic on the moped, so less of it breaks in the event of a fall or off-road driving. An integrated stand comes in handy for safe parking.

Photo: mpKorado

There is relatively little plastic on the machine, so less will break in the event of a fall.

One of the main attractions here is the 49cc four-stroke single-cylinder petrol engine with 2kW injection, a licensed version of the immortal Honda Monkey unit. Apart from a regular oil change in the first 500 km and then every 1000 km, this unit needs nothing. And if something were to happen, there is an OBD socket for a closer diagnosis of the problem.

The moped has an electric starter, so you kick it either with a button or traditionally by turning the pedals. But that’s just nostalgia. If you’re afraid of gear shifting, you don’t have to, this przolet has only one gear, so you only control the gas and brakes. In addition, the brake light flashes when stopping to alert other passersby that you are slowing down.

Photo: mpKorado

The moped has one gear, so there is no need to shift gears.

If, with an average consumption of 1.9 liters per hundred, and thus a total range of up to 180 km, you still run out of fuel (3.5 l tank), you can so-called stomp on the pedals. It is, however, a very emergency ride, intended more for times when you need to clear the road.

They don’t have to have MOT

The mpKorado Supermaxi 50 moped belongs to the category of AM cars, therefore it is possible to drive it from 15 years of age. Don’t worry, you don’t need to do extra paperwork for this machine, you just need a regular B in addition to the helmet.

Photo: mpKorado

For this machine, you need a group AM driver’s license, which, among other things, you can also get as part of the B-class.

Although it is necessary to register the vehicle, attach a small tag to it and pay a comical compulsory insurance (about 500 CZK per year), but then you never have to go to the TK again. In addition, the model undergoes constant (minor) innovations, which are incorporated into the next batches headed for production or assembly.

And who is the typical user of these mopeds? Usually a person over 40 who lives in a village and commutes for work or leisure activities (eg fishing, shopping, visiting friends). The second big variety is (not only) 15-year-olds who want to learn to ride a machine before moving on to a more powerful one.

Photo: mpKorado

Typical users of this moped are elderly people in villages or young people who want to learn to ride.

We also tested the machine in a closed area, while we verified that it can carry even grown-up persons the size of a “proper guy”. Why not, when on paper the moped has a load capacity of over 160 kg.

After riding the two-seater version, we completely returned to our childhood years, when Uncle Libor (and we don’t know whose uncle it was) drove us individually to the mark and back in the village. In short, all of a sudden we felt the breath of freedom of a single-track jet that carried us along the smooth asphalt and between potholes.

Photo: mpKorado

The double seat is solidly comfortable, but the classic single seat is also available.

And there was also the adrenaline part, when we were surprised by the poor quality of the surface and experienced what it’s like to struggle a bit with an uneven surface at 40 km/h, but it turned out well. We also tried a modified “chipped” variant designed for off-road operation, which was significantly livelier from the bottom and made it possible to exceed the design maximum of 45 km/h.

We didn’t even miss the downhill test, where 50cc machines usually give up and you have to push them. Fortunately, the Supermaxi had enough power, so it only took a few bounces on its feet to start uphill from the halfway point. We immediately named it the mechanical hill start assistant.

Photo: mpKorado

The moped has no problem even going uphill, and it only needs to be helped by a little mechanical power when starting.

Finally, we should mention the relatively noisy drive unit, which makes it clear that you are approaching with its squeal. Of course not, when the highest output of 2 kW is available at up to 7,500 revolutions per minute. That’s when the engine really sings out loud.

Money comes first

The main selling point of this means of transport, which really drives (and not badly at all), is the price. The new machine costs 37,000 CZK without 10 CZK, while the two-seater version costs 39,000 CZK. There are four colors available, namely red, blue, gray and green.

After the ride was over, we were patting ourselves on the head about how something that costs two below average paychecks actually drives and isn’t a child’s toy. The magic is both in the production in China and also in the large volumes of consumption.

In any case, for 37,000 CZK or 39,000 CZK, it is a machine that, in terms of riding, offers something different than a similarly expensive electric scooter with comparable parameters, for which you will have to have a new compulsory insurance anyway. Add to that a bit of retro flair, classic design and a pleasant driving experience. Simply a solid machine for the money…

Specifications mpKorado SUPERMAXI 50 EFI Euro5
Single seat dimensions 1600 x 805 x 1080 mm
Dimensions double seat 1790 x 805 x 1080 mm
Wheelbase 1100 mm
Seat height 850 mm
Operating weight 68 kg
total weight 235 kg
Consumption 1.9 l / 100 km
Tank volume 3,5 l
Fuel benzene, N95
Engine type four stroke, single cylinder
Engine capacity 49 ccm
Max. power 2 kW (2.7 hp) at 7500 rpm.
Injection EFI
Cooling by air
Transmission automatic, 1 degree
Max. speed 45 km/h
Tires and tires 2.75/14
Accumulator 12V/5 Ah
Brakes manual, drum