Popular manufacturer of audio gadgets Bastl just released an iOS app called Outsidifywhich allows capture and transform sound directly from the iPhone’s speakers and microphone. With this app, users will be able to explore the sounds around them and create with them unique soundtracksor even songs.

Captured sounds will of course be possible edit further using various tools and filters. Users will be able to create their own filters, even with the help of their own mouths. In addition, it will be possible capture impulse responses virtually any space your phone can fit into. The integrated player enables playback in a loop as well as setting the start and end point. There is also a change of speed or a cropping function.

As for the recorder, it saves WAV files to move to other devices, again with an adjustable start and end point. You can also adjust the speed of the recordings so that the recording speed automatically matches the tempo set in the player while maintaining the pitch. Of course, there is also a recording timer.

Outsidify them exclusive app for iOS, which costs $6 when purchased from the official App Store. Additionally, this app is quite unique to Bastle, as they usually make physical gadgets, such as Kastle’s portable synthesizer.

Source: engadget.com