The most imported brand was the domestic Škoda with 25,802 cars, followed by Volkswagen with 23,112 units, and the third is traditionally Ford with the import of 8,384 used cars. In other places are the premium German brands BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi.

“All months of this year, with the exception of August, were weaker in imports. With the same development in the remaining quarter, this year’s total number of imported used cars could decrease by up to 10,000 cars compared to last year. This would be good news, because these are steadily cars older than ten to 15 years, which permanently worsen the average age of the domestic car fleet, which is now around 16 years. In addition, these are cars whose purchase is by default the most risky on the market due to various tricks of importers, said Aures Holdings Group CEO Karolína Topolová.

From January to the end of September, the Czechs also imported 108 used Ferraris, 84 Maseratis or 21 luxury Rolls-Royces. The East German Trabant with 54 imported units or the off-road military Willys with 11 specimens were also popular import items.

Sales of new passenger cars in the same period increased by 16.5 percent to 167,564 vehicles. In September, growth was 15.5 percent.