It is a version of the 613-4 Mi Long, i.e. a car with an extended wheelbase (3,130 mm) and a body length of 5,150 mm. It was produced in 1995 and the first owner is also interesting – as a new car it went to the services of the Supreme Audit Office.

And because the “Retail Car Registration Card” has been preserved, we know that this Tatra received Recaro front seats upholstered in a combination of gray leather / gray fabric, a Blaupunkt Memphis radio and features such as air conditioning, power steering and central locking. In the photos, we also see a phone and a sunroof.

By the way, the seller claims that there are only 12 examples with the original factory Recaro seats.

The interior looks clean and well-preserved in the available images, but the same applies to the rest of the car. Of course, the drive is taken care of by an air-cooled fork eight-cylinder, located at the rear. It has a volume of 3.5 liters, multi-point fuel injection and reaches an output of 147 kW. It is already connected to a five-speed manual transmission.

The odometer shows just over 20,000 kilometers, but this number does not correspond to reality, as the odometer was replaced in the past. The seller, who has owned the Tatra for 8 years, further emphasizes that the 613 works as it should thanks to honest care.

And the price? The remarkable Tatra 613-4 Mi Long is available for 80,000 euros, which is about 1.96 million crowns.