Elon Musk has introduced another restriction on the X social network, and it will once again affect users who do not have an X Premium subscription. A post from the official X account announced that only verified users will now have the feature to limit replies to posts.

In November 2022 — just weeks after becoming the official owner of the company — Musk launched the service, which is now called X Premium. After paying CZK 216 per month or CZK 2,262 per year, the user gets a blue whistle next to his name and becomes a verified user. Verification was initially only available on Twitter to confirm the identity of prominent figures.

In addition to the blue whistle, the X Premium service also offers other functions, such as NFT profile photos, the possibility to edit a post up to an hour after publication or a significant limitation of ads. However, many users faced ridicule for purchasing X Premium. As a result, X has introduced the ability to hide this once-coveted whistle to prevent other users from knowing whether or not you have a subscription. However, hiding the blue whistle will now be unnecessary – whether the whistle is visible or not, anyone who replies to a restricted post will now be revealed as an X Premium subscriber.

Source: www.engadget.com