Motorsport unites us. Now Dubai is also trying to kick-start its veteran scene.

Dubai is a city loved by many and hated by many. No wonder, it is a city of contrasts, but on one side you have shops with the most expensive watches in the world, and on the other, there is no sewage system. It is not for nothing that Dubai is nicknamed the non-alcoholic Las Vegas. Of course, the automotive culture is in full swing here, because where there is money, there are watches, boats and cars. Even classic cars.

The development of the new Porsche Panamera is coming to a close.  The premiere will be at the end of November in Dubai

Dubai doesn’t have a very developed classic car scene, but it’s working on it. In 2020, at the Italian Mille Miglia race, I met a fleet of Dubai cars that were there for one reason only – to see how it should be done properly and, if possible, bring it to the desert as best as possible. One result appears to be the rather generically named Gulf Historic Dubai GP Revival, which has been running since 2022. Now another edition is on the way, from December 7-10.

An extensive photo gallery shows what it will look like there and what to imagine under the name of such an event. The event has a dress code from the 70s. On the site you can even find a guide to how people dressed during this time, which is complemented by photos of racing drivers and girls in very short shorts. The goal is, of course, to create the right atmosphere.

It looks like caramel, but it refers to something else.  The unique Rolls-Royce Ghost was created by the custom division in Dubai

There will of course be a lot of cars on display, they promise the categories of formula cars from the 70s and 90s, but also Le Mans cars from the 60s to the 2000s. A one-day ticket costs just over six hundred crowns, but of course you can join the Gentleman Driver Club for CZK 44,200.