The Porsche Taycan is one of the most desirable electric cars on the market, but with a range of less than 400 kilometers on a single charge and a starting price of at least $90,000, it’s not exactly a mainstream car. In any case new electric car from Porsche could become just such a car.

It will be about electric Macan, which will be sold alongside the Macan with a petrol engine for some time. Porsche doesn’t have all the details yet, but this battery-powered SUV will offer up to 600 horses in a similar design to a crossover SUV. Unfortunately, such information as the range is also missing for the time being. It hasn’t been determined yet, but it should be anyway go much further on a single charge than the current Taycan.

Also, the price has not been announced yet. The petrol Macan is one of Porsche’s most affordable cars, starting at just over $60,000, but an all-electric version is likely to a bit more expensive. However, despite the higher price, this particular model could become very popular among customers, as it will provide a good price-performance ratio.