Many racing drivers sit at simulators in the winter, as do many students who are interested in cars. Racing games with almost real-world physics are on the rise.

A new car racing video game is due out later this year. Not just any Le Mans Ultimate, however, is a licensed product of WEC endurance racing. Although a lot of water has passed since the announcement and the release is inexorably closer, we have not yet seen a single official video showing footage of the game. But we have screenshots available and we know who makes the game, so let’s put them together.

Le Mans Ultimate should belong to hardcore simulators like rFactor and Assetto Corsa. Such games serve not only to occupy the long winter evenings, but also to train racing drivers. Because the simulator is cheaper than starting the formula. In addition to the La Sarthe circuit, Monza, Spa, Fuji, Portimao, Sebring or Bahrain will also be in the game. From the cars, you can look forward to the classic composition of the current starting grid, including LMH specials.

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For the first time ever, the game was on display at this year’s 100th Le Mans, where ten simulators were available for visitors. This is where the only normal gameplay footage comes from. The response has been very positive, with the game being referred to as the most realistic experience yet. But nobody expected anything else. Firstly, it is a licensed Le Mans game, and secondly, it is backed by very promising names – Motorsport Games and Studio 397.

Studio 397 has only released one video game so far – rFactor 2 from 2013. It is a highly valued game among hardcore players, and in addition, it already had something to do with Le Mans. In 2020, the race was postponed to autumn due to the coronavirus pandemic. In the original term, however, the competitors took part in the same race in this very game.

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Motorsport Games also has a notch in the stock in the form of rFactor 2, but at the same time it is developing the very popular Nascar Heat series. Le Mans Ultimate is scheduled to hit your screens in the last quarter of this year. For now, it will only be released on PC, you can reserve it via the Steam platform. But later it should also arrive on consoles.