The modification of the van is very complex, but it will come very expensive. On the other hand, you can really go to the end of the world with her.

The mania around motorhomes and experiencing adventures on four wheels is not abating, and you can still choose from an abundance of machines that allow you this nomadic lifestyle. One of the most popular cars for residential and off-road modifications is the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. The manufacturer Benchmark Vehicles now presents us with its creation for the most affluent adventurers. Converted to nine million crowns.

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter can handle more difficult terrain thanks to the new all-wheel drive.  It will also have higher performance

What do you get for the price of two well-equipped Porsche 911s? First off, an all-wheel drive sprinter with Fox shocks, new leaf springs and Owl Talon wheels with all-terrain tires. The car also received new protective bumpers and winch. Like every such special, it is then hung with a lot of accessories, including a light ramp, a shovel, a roof structure with boxes for things or a spare wheel.

The new Mercedes-AMG GT has a Czech price.  Version 63 can stand comparison with the best, but it is not very light

Inside you will find accommodation with a kitchen, which does not lack an induction cooker or a coffee maker. Premium speakers, plenty of storage spaces and a mosquito net will make your stay more pleasant. From the back door you then have access to a large storage space under the bed where you can keep bicycles. As already mentioned, the price is 385,000 dollars, but there is also a smaller one for 250,000.