Kia’s electric range is starting to grow. The EV6 model, which became an indirect successor to the Stinger, was followed by the EV9 family SUV. But the brand knows that the range of models also needs to be expanded downwards. After all, this is confirmed by two new concepts that the company presented at the festive event.

The first such vision is the EV3, a smaller SUV sitting below the EV9 and EV5 models. But don’t worry, the world doesn’t just revolve around elevated square cars. Kia also showed the concept of a four-door sedan with the designation EV4, the rear of which slopes down in the style of a coupe. Would the answer to the Tesla Model 3?

Since the appearance of both studies is based on the serial EV9 electric car, it can be assumed that only minimal changes will be made to serial production. The interiors still look very futuristic. And you probably won’t be surprised that both concepts count on sustainable materials, for example the seats are made of natural fiber. We also learn that Kia will continue to concentrate all important information in its cabins on the screens (or one large display?) behind the steering wheel, while the driver’s workplace should be minimalistic and airy.

Photo: Kia

We know the driver’s workplace arranged in this way from a whole range of contemporary Kias. In the future, cabins will receive even more sustainable materials.

Kia has confirmed that the new crossover will appear in its final form during the next year, we will have to wait for a while for the sedan. We don’t know the details of the technology yet, because the cars are supposed to share the E-GMP architecture, most likely they should get a choice of batteries with a capacity of 58 or 77.4 kWh, just like the EV6 model.

And one more interesting thing. In addition to the aforementioned models, Kia is also working on an entry-level electric car with a more sympathetic base price. The car with the EV2 designation should be either a small city hatchback (as a successor to the Rio) or a crossover. In Europe, we can look forward to the new product in three years, and Kia is talking about a price limit of 30,000 dollars, i.e. 700,000 crowns. It’s true, the competing VW ID.2 or Renault 5 try to fit within twenty-five thousand euros, which translates to about CZK 615,000.

The Korean car company has not been stepping into electromobility for a long time. Already in 2026, it wants to celebrate the first million electric cars and further expects to sell 1.6 million electric cars per year around 2030 at the latest. By the way, the production of the smallest mentioned EV2 electric vehicle is to be handled by a Slovak plant near Žilina.

An electric Kia the size of a Fabia for CZK 700,000?

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