With distinctive and sharp shapes, reminiscent of a modern sports coupe, the Toyota C-HR stands out on the market. The new generation even more than the last.

The Toyota C-HR has gradually become the Japanese automaker’s most successful car in attracting customers switching from other brands. The new generation takes the quality and status of its predecessor to an even higher level, through an avant-garde appearance, advanced technologies and an offer of electrified hybrid and plug-in hybrid drives with higher performance, even better driving behavior and a longer purely electric range.

New security systems

The latest portfolio of active safety systems and driving support functions is standard on all new Toyota C-HR equipment. Thanks to an even greater range of functions, the car protects against other risks of the most common accidents.

The new definition of crossover is finally in the Czech Republic.  The Toyota C-HR looks like a concept and doesn't have to be expensive

A new feature is the active driver’s assistant, which ensures smooth deceleration at low speeds in situations where the driver releases the gas pedal when approaching a slower vehicle or entering a corner. In addition, there is a steering assistant that recognizes a turn in the direction of travel and adjusts the steering resistance so that the driver intuitively turns the steering wheel at the right angle to drive through the turn stably.

Pounds down!

Weight reduction was helped by measures including new types of high-strength steel. The fixed panoramic sunroof features an anti-overheat coating that reflects infrared radiation and suppresses radiant heat on sunny days, while helping to keep the cabin warm in cold weather.

Thanks to this, a classic sun visor is not needed, saving five kilograms and at the same time increasing headroom. In addition, there is no need to use air conditioning as much.

The new Toyota C-HR has Czech prices.  Under a million can easily fit in, but the more expensive versions are more attractive

Four drives

The range of engines includes 1.8, 2.0 and plug-in 2.0 hybrids. A more powerful hybrid is also available with all-wheel drive. The weaker Hybrid 140 aims for economy of operation, even so it offers significantly higher performance than the previous C-HR.

The Plug-in Hybrid 220 impresses with its dual character: it provides superb pure electric driving in everyday operation, as well as a very economical hybrid electric drive on longer routes.

The 4×4 drive for the Hybrid 200 adds better traction and stability when starting, cornering or on slippery surfaces, when the electric motor/generator, built into the rear axle of the car, comes into play.

The new Toyota C-HR is introduced!  It's still funky, it can have a four-wheeler, and inside it will please just about anyone

Ideally balanced

All powertrains have been calibrated to provide intuitive acceleration and handling, including better matching of the vehicle’s response to accelerator pedal inputs.

The changes also include the car’s suspension system, brakes and steering to ideally balance the vehicle’s stance and driving comfort.

A big ride all over the Czech Republic

At the end of September, Toyota started a roadshow around its dealerships. It has twenty-one stops in Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia. It presents all four types of alternative drives that it currently offers. Next to the Czech premiere of the new Toyota C-HR representing a fully hybrid drive, the new Prius demonstrating plug-in hybrid technology is showing. The battery electric car is represented by the Toyota bZ4X and the hydrogen electric car by the Mirai model.

“During the roadshow, people learn about individual drives and technologies. Just like last year, sales staff and trained staff will be at hand this year as well as touch information boards explaining the individual technologies in detail,” says Michal Velička, marketing manager of Toyota CR. With the exception of the new generation C-HR, all the mentioned models are available not only for inspection, but also for test drives. More at toyota.cz/roadshow.

At the roadshow, a special zone awaits people next to the cars and rides, where they can view the wheel and color variants of the individual equipment or the transmission model. And in the competition corner, they can race selected models in Gran Turismo on PlayStation and win gifts from Gazoo Racing for the fastest time in the selected race.

Toyota C-HR GR Sport 2.0 Hybrid TEST: Can it get any better?

C-HR with a discount of CZK 195,000

The arrival of the new C-HR generation does not mean the end of the current generation. On the contrary! It is now sold out with a huge discount of CZK 195,000 on all equipment. Which means that with the 1.8 Hybrid engine, instead of the standard 794,900 CZK, the Comfort equipment will now fit under six hundred thousand (599,900 CZK).

Program Toyota roadshow 2023

Datum Dealership City
13.10.2023 Toyota BSAUTO Brno
16.10.2023 Toyota C&K Uherské Hradiště
18.10.2023 Toyota T-MOTOR Zlin
20.10.2023 Toyota T-MOTOR Olomouc
23.10.2023 Toyota Autobond Group Ostrava – Hrabová
25.10.2023 Toyota OlfinCar Pardubice
31.10.2023 Toyota OlfinCar Hradec Králové
02.11.2023 Toyota Autostyl Trutnov
06.11.2023 Toyota Auto KP Plus Liberec
08.11.2023 Toyota Louwman Usti nad Labem
21.11.2023 Toyota Dollars I’m gaining weight
23.11.2023 Toyota Dollars Pilsen
28.11.2023 Toyota Autobond Group Prague – Vysočany
30.11.2023 Toyota C&K Brno
04.12.2023 Toyota Domansky Zdiby
06.12.2023 Toyota Louwman Prague