The second generation Škoda Kodiaq has become noticeably younger, but it has not given up its original proportions. The car looks fresh, partly has new technology and also a rather retouched design. One of the essential appearance elements, the split front headlights, remained, however, the rear lamps received a pleasing extension and a new strip connecting the two lamps.

Photo: Škoda Auto and Rostislav Prokop

The world premiere of the Kodiaq in Berlin – on the left the original, on the right an illuminated strip by our graphic designer. Which one are you voting for?

The question arises as to why the manufacturer did not illuminate this bar as well, however, this was not done primarily due to the preservation of the zigzag design of the end lighting. After all, you can find a similar motif on the sister Karoq or the smaller Fabia.

Photo: Škoda Auto

The Škoda Kodiaq will offer a rear bar, but not illuminated.

We therefore asked our in-house designer Rosťa Prokop to light up the whole of the new Kodiaq at the back. When we saw the result, we asked ourselves if we liked the factory original or the new design better. And also, what version of the Boleslav bear should wear the possible all-light strip.

Photo: Škoda Auto/Rostislav Prokop

Do you like the combined lighting option more?

Although we borrowed a photo of a plug-in hybrid with a battery capacity of 25.7 kWh, fast charging and a range in pure electric mode exceeding 100 km for editing, we still think that the combined rear lamps should rather belong to the RS variant, Sportline, or Laurin & Clement.

Skoda Kodiaq premiereVideo: Škoda Auto

But what do you think? How would you like the new Skoda Kodiaq of the second generation with combined headlights? Vote in the poll below and let us know your opinion in the comments below the article.

Skoda Kodiaq combined rear lights would I like…?

I liked them on all versions of the car.

They only liked RS, Sportline, Laurin & Klement or others.

I liked them about as much as the original headlights.

They didn’t like any of the options.

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