In the era of expensive gasoline and expensive… actually everything, we are looking for more affordable ways of individual transportation. The solution may be a moped, a traditional one-wheeled machine combining the comfort of driving with a simple internal combustion engine and a safety net in the form of pedals that you can lean on if you happen to run out of fuel. But that doesn’t just happen, because the Korado moped only sips from the 3.5-liter tank, and can travel almost 200 kilometers. No electric scooter can offer you that…

But if you prefer to travel in more comfort and don’t mind the money, you can upgrade to the special Tatry 613-4 Mi Long Recaro leather seats, one of 12 produced in this specification. Therefore, it is quite clear that you will have to prepare a decent amount of money for it.

Foto: Facebook/House of Classics – unique automobiles for sale

The Recaro leather seats invite you to sit down.

Another rarity for sale will be an ambulance from the forgotten First Republic automobile manufacturer Wikov, not coincidentally nicknamed the Czech Rolls-Royce. This completely unique car has lived a very interesting life and will now be looking for a new owner – if you are interested in it or would at least like to see it in person, you should head to the Retro Garáž auto-moto fair in Lysá nad Labem at the beginning of November.

Photo: Retro Garage

This Wikov ambulance is completely unique with a busy life. And it will be for sale!

The Qatar Grand Prix was also held last weekend and it was almost another embarrassment for F1. Max Verstappen’s championship title didn’t really interest anyone, after all, it started to become clear right from the first races of this season. However, the McLaren team attracted a lot of attention not only for their performance on the track, but also for their incredibly fast pit stop, which won three world records!

But let’s get behind the wheel now – last week we tested the SsangYong Torres, a price bomb on the Czech market, and the amazingly quiet Lexus RX, we also drove the new Honda CR-V and Hyundai Kona for the first time and we liked both cars very much . We also verified that the used Ford Focus III is a good car, even with an automatic transmission that has not gained a very good reputation.

We hope you enjoyed the ride with us last week and will jump into the passenger seat with us next week as well, for which we are preparing a lot of interesting reading for you again!