The developer company CD Projekt Red, which is developing the game Cyberpunk 2077, confirmed that the pro DLC Phantom Liberty she used AI voice cloning softwareto she reconstructed the voice of the deceased actor. Actor Miłogost Reczek voiced the character of Viktor Vektor in the Polish version of the game and was supposed to reprise that role for the DLC that was released last month, but died in 2021, that is, even before the studio started its production. The development company said that they decided to go this route to pay tribute to the actor’s brilliant performance, also mentioning that they got permission from his family.

Instead of replacing Reczka with another actor, CD Projekt Red started working with a Ukrainian company Repwhich deals in voice technology and is best known for creating Mark Hamill’s voice for The Mandalorian and Boba Fett: Law of the Underworld, where he created the voice of a young Luke Skywalker.

He was hired to speak new lines another actor and Respeecher’s software reworked them into Reczka’s voice, CD Projekt’s Mikołaj Szwed revealed. Recognized by Szwed as one of Poland’s best voice talents, Reczek also voiced the main roles in the Witcher series.

Artificial intelligence has become a controversial topic in the entertainment industry, and striking Hollywood actors are currently fighting for, among other things, greater protection in relation to the use of their likenesses. In September, SAG-AFTRA voted to authorize a strike even for video game actors, whose jobs could be threatened by the rapid development of artificial intelligence.