Simpler production, fewer parts, robots and workers – the modern approach to car construction is breathtaking.

Ford and, it seems, Hyundai have recently joined the customers of the Italian company Idra. The company specializes in the production of machines that we generally know under the name Giga Press – they are intended for pressure casting of aluminum alloys in large volumes and very quickly. The melt is driven into the mold at a speed of about 10 meters per second, in this way it is possible to create about 30 castings per hour. The technology is currently used by the American manufacturer Tesla, it uses Giga Press 9000 machines with a closing force of 9000 tons from Idra and other models from the same brand, of which it currently has 14.

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At the Idra factory in Travalgiato near Brescia, tests have now taken place on the Giga Press 6100 machine for the Ford car manufacturer, which will be delivered to the research center in Detroit. There, it will be tested and functionally evaluated before it is put into mass production of cars. The introduction of this machine directly with the Ford logo also revealed the larger Giga Press 9000, which well-informed sources say is intended for Hyundai, other models of the same type are said to be intended for Volvo. Interestingly, only six Giga Press machines are supposed to be enough for the annual production of half a million cars.