Instead of Skodas, it offers classic cars from other brands, especially those from the former Eastern Bloc – Moskvič, Trabant, Wartburg, Tatra or Praga and others. Socialist veterans are complemented by, for example, Volkswagen or Citroën.

The wall calendar is in A2 format, i.e. 610 by 480 millimeters, and contains a total of 13 scenes by photographer Radim Kořínek – 12 for individual months and one on the title page. Models Klára Rychtaříková and Silvie Hunyadyová posed in front of Radim’s lens.

“This calendar is our first. We have completed eighteen Škoda wall calendars and sometimes I was sorry that we ‘couldn’t’ photograph another brand. We often came to someone’s place to take photos of a Škoda and there was a beautiful Tatra car next to it. For example, I once smuggled a renovated Renault Alpine into a photo with a Škoda 130 RS, and since then I’ve been toying with the idea of ​​trying to photograph such a retro calendar of socialist cars. In short, cars that drove here during the Iron Curtain. But since photographing and, above all, publishing a calendar is not a cheap matter, this idea has been maturing for about five years and this year I thought that I simply had to take a risk,” Roman Schavel explains the reasons for the creation of the new calendar, operator of the Š website. “Now comes the most difficult task, finding walls for all the calendars to hang on,” he adds with a smile.

The calendar was produced in limited quantities and can be purchased on the website for CZK 289. By the way, by purchasing, you will be contributing to the organization of events that ŠKODAteam has been organizing for over 20 years. These are, for example, various gatherings, amateur rallies and other competitions, or perhaps drive-in cinemas.