The basic version of the Duster without additional equipment, which I praised as the most reasonable choice, sold so poorly that Dacia removed it from the offer and instead added a new equipment level at the opposite end. Dacia Duster Extreme is an even more stylish version of the highest equipment, it has black alloy wheels, mirror covers and other copper-colored details on the body and inside, it received stickers on the B-pillars with the motif of topographical contours, and when you combine all this with a surprisingly tasteful gray-green metallic, it comes out an unexpectedly interesting car for you, for which anyone will look back in surprise.

You will also find some of that equipment inside, for example durable rubber mats or upholstery with modern MicroCloud material, the infotainment system supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and displays the signal from front and rear parking cameras. Sure, some materials do not reach the quality of more premium and expensive rivals, but Dacia customers are quite happy to forgive that.

You can have the Extreme equipment with three engines – a 115-horsepower diesel engine and the most powerful 150-horsepower turbo 13-engine gasoline engine are combined with all-wheel drive in this equipment, but I had a liter three-cylinder in the test, which can also run on LPG in addition to gasoline – and because of the gas tank in the place of the spare wheel, it cannot have a rear axle drive, so it is a front wheel drive. Even thanks to this, it is significantly cheaper, for the powerful gasoline version you will pay a whole 110 thousand more.

The one-liter engine is not a powerhouse, and with a loaded car it will lose a bit of breath on highway hills, but it is sufficient for normal driving and thanks to two full-size tanks (49 liters of LPG and 50 liters of gasoline) it can theoretically travel up to around 1,400 km in one go. In practical life, it will be more important that even if you can’t find a gas station, you don’t have to worry about being stuck somewhere. When running on gasoline, the engine will lose a few horsepower and operation will be significantly more expensive, but you can simply refuel anywhere. You will find out what else I liked about the Duster Extreme and what I didn’t like in the video.