Seven championship titles, 103 victories, almost two hundred podium positions. In many statistics, the British pilot Lewis Hamilton is in first place and in some he even surpassed the legendary Michael Schumacher. He collected most of these successes with the Mercedes team, where he has been working since 2013. At the beginning, no one really understood his move from the successful McLaren.

Years later, even Hamilton himself admitted that it was a huge risk, but he simply needed a new challenge. And it could hardly have been more successful. True, in the first season he was just warming up, he won only one victory and finished fourth in the overall standings. But then came a famous ride, during which he won six titles in seven years. Now a true rarity is appearing at auction – the first Mercedes single-seater with which Hamilton won a grand prize. That is, the one in which it all began.

With this particular car, the Briton not only won the Hungarian Grand Prix, but completed fourteen out of seventeen races with it. In the 2013 season, the pilot won four more places on the podium, coincidentally it was always the third place.

Foto: RM Sotheby’s

When Lewis Hamilton rolled out of that cockpit, he had a single championship to his name. A few years later, there were already seven, matching the iconic Michael Schumacher. Victory has even more.

A still functional 2.4-liter atmospheric eight-cylinder engine is still working in the guts. It is therefore an engine of an old era, in which current single-seaters are powered by 1.6-liter turbocharged six-cylinder engines equipped with hybrid technology. And one more unique thing – it is the only single-seater of the team that is not owned by Mercedes, team boss Toto Wolff or Lewis Hamilton himself.

“This is really the only car that belongs to a private person’s collection, so we are talking without exaggeration about a unicorn. You don’t buy any other Mercedes single-seater unless you go to see Toto Wolff or Lewis Hamilton himself,” said Shelby Myers, one of the leading heads of auction house RM Sotheby’s, which has the auction under its thumb.

All of this, of course, makes the potential price very high. The auction company expects that the formula could be sold for 10 to 15 million dollars, i.e. up to 350 million crowns! When? What to see soon. The auction will take place on November 17 in the USA, shortly before the start of the first modern Grand Prix in Las Vegas.

The whole 350 million for a F1 car after Lewis Hamilton?

It sells for much more.

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