Netflix is ​​reportedly planning to open several brick and mortar stores called Netflix House. It will be available for purchase in these stores goods from hits, which aired on Netflix. They should even be prepared for visitors in the first two establishments Squid Game themed obstacle courses (it is paradoxical that although this series was a sharp criticism of modern capitalism, the new outlets will instead support it).

Visitors are also waiting art installations a live performances from popular movies and series. In specialized restaurants will sell themed food and drinks from the Netflix cooking reality show. The first two will open in the US, but more will follow around the world.

Netflix has previously embarked on interesting film-related projects. For example, he has opened experiential attractions around the planet to celebrate shows like Stranger Things and many of his reality shows. And in the UK it is about to stage play Stranger Things: The First Shadow on the motifs of the popular series. Its premiere is set for November this year and will take place at the London Phoenix Theatre.