I would say that I’m more of a nimble driver, sometimes slightly exceeding the speed limit, but always trying to drive smoothly. And anticipation. So I could have at least some minimal prerequisites for the plant in consumption. And with the Enyaq 80 (version before modernization with 150 kW power and 82 kWh battery capacity) I also had several weeks of experience.

I was even more curious to see where I could reduce my consumption in the race. In the spring weeks, I mostly drove slightly below 20 kWh per 100 km (my traditional highway and city advantage).

However, I didn’t have high hopes. I have already completed a similar competition a few times and was never good enough for a seasoned top. I’ll tell you straight away that I wasn’t even close to fighting for victory this time either.

Fun for the whole day

We set off from the Škoda service center in Kosmonosy, where our Enyaq first went through technical inspection. Just like all the other participants – the tire pressure was monitored, the tank and hood were sealed. In short, it was necessary to ensure that the car went to the race without any additional modifications that would not only reduce fuel consumption in an unauthorized way, but could also endanger safety. By the way, we also put a sticker on the butt, which announced that we are participating in a race for consumption, so we don’t just jerk off for pleasure.

Photo: Škoda Auto

We also apologize to all other drivers for the slow driving!

I admit that this was not entirely pleasant for me, driving at 90 or 60 stuck to the shoulder… However, I also immediately overtook several participants who were saving in this way and won the race… Probably as it should be, but I just couldn’t do it. I was only going well below the legal limit when I wasn’t restricting anyone, but as soon as I spotted someone faster behind me, I accelerated to at least eighty. At the same time, I am making an alibi for my poor result. I failed because I was considerate!

Photo: Škoda Auto

During the service inspection, they sealed our hood.

We should have excuses, now to the track itself. We had two stages ahead of us, the start was in Kosmonosy, as I already wrote, and the finish was in Škodovka race in Vrchlab. And back. We did not take the shortest route, so in total we had less than 320 km to cover, which we had to manage with a minimum average of 54.48 km/h. In addition, the organizers placed radars at various points along the route, which tracked us mainly in the villages. Nonsense? When we were cruising under the speed limit most of the time? How can it be – sometimes we went down a suitable hill to the village and it was more economical not to brake (mainly for the combustion crews, we electricians could recover) and at least at the beginning of the village to whiz by at the speed accumulated on the hill. A thrifty tactic, but penalized nonetheless. If any of the participants blew the whistle more significantly (I always fit within the tolerance, at worst I exceeded fifty by some 5 km/h), the organizers increased the achieved average consumption according to the severity of the offense.

Photo: Škoda Auto

Enyaqs lined up before the start of Škoda Economy Run 2023.

It’s nothing to brag about…

So, we set off at nine o’clock, we were back in Kosmonosy a little before five in the afternoon, in Vrchlabí we had an hour’s break and lunch in the race canteen. Our bottom line? Not bad at all! 13.79 kWh per 100 km appeared in The MM Team’s spreadsheet! Which was enough for… eighth place! Out of ten. The winning crew recorded 12.26 kW/h. Perhaps I expected a bigger difference, even taking into account the average speed we had the highest actually (58.49 km/h, the winner was more than 2 km/h slower).

Photo: Škoda Auto

Greetings from the track!

It was an interesting experience, it was nice to see how much the Enyaq can drive, however, the path to such low averages is difficult to accept from the point of view of normal traffic. It was such a relief to take off the “I’m driving a consumption contest” sticker and move at more normal speeds again. However, I also immediately got to some 18 kWh, which is a far more representative value for Enyaq in the summer season and at an increasingly calm pace.

And the burning crews? You see, I still owe you the total number of participants, there were less than fifty of us hanging out on the route. And of the gasoline ones with a volume of up to 1.0 liters, the Pilný/Záhorský crew was the best in a Škoda Citigo with an average of 2.88 liters (speed 56.08 km/h), in the category above a petrol liter of volume, the Velechovský/Kudláčková duo won with a Fabia HTP and resulting in 3.09 liters (speed 56.92 km/h). The diesel class was then dominated by the number one Fabia Combi with the legendary 1.9 TDI PD/74 kW engine of the Dobrovolný/Dobrovolná pair, which managed the route in 2.49 liters (speed 56.75 km/h).

And now it’s your turn to brag about your lowest consumption in the discussion. Will anyone beat the fighter from Škoda Economy Run 2023?