Mercedes-Benz presented an award for a sustainable attitude to fashion at the prestigious fashion festival. His new art car, drawing inspiration from a fifty-year-old concept, was photographed with the final designs.

It is interesting how some concepts, even after a few decades, can be an inspiration for modern times. A good example is the Mercedes-Benz C111 concept from the late sixties and early seventies. Maybe because at the time it was a research laboratory for new technology and engines, or because its design is incredibly fascinating. In the case of the Berlin sculptor Michael Sailstorfer, it was probably the latter reason.

It was he who was commissioned to create the “car art” for the 38th edition of the French art and fashion exhibition Festival de’Hyeres, where Mercedes-Benz presented the trophy for sustainability. His creation played a key role as a pivotal monument during the photo shoot of the selected finalists’ fashion designs. In the end, Petra Fagerstrom won the award.

This is how the most expensive BMW is currently created.  The extremely high price suddenly makes more sense

But back to the car. Michael has had a weakness for the rather “frog” 190 E model since he was young (aside from the Cosworth engined ones and the powerful EVO range). It is on this car that the Art Car is based. In terms of design, it is an artistic rendition of the C111 spiced up with unusual elements such as smaller front blinkers, angular rear lights and hinged doors according to the original model.

The rendering of the body with visible welds between the individual panels is very unconventional. The points are not only in the joints, but also on the individual plates. This creates the illusion that they were created during time travel, as in the Back to the Future trilogy. At the same time, it serves as a contrast for an otherwise raw gray shade. This combination together with the black wheels is ideal, because the shape of the body is interesting, but the colors of the clothes stand out.

The Czechs built a unique BMW R18 in the style of the famous Art Car.  You can also view it

Although the body looks austere, the original interior apparently retains all the luxury of the time. We have a full dashboard with all controls, comfortable seats and wood trim. Although Sailtorfer is fond of functional works, no word has been said about the engine. He was not even needed for this purpose, but the controversy about him could be interesting. In the original C111, there was a diesel and gasoline engine, even a “wankel”, but today it would also suit an electric motor, which would be ideal for similar events.