Behind the new electric SUV-coupe, which is strikingly reminiscent of the Tesla Model X, is the state-owned Chinese company GAC, or rather its subsidiary Aion. It has already built the Hyper SSR supersport or the Hyper GT sports sedan. The new Hyper HT is much closer to the shape of an SUV, and its egg-shaped roundness reminds us of the most famous American manufacturer of electric cars.

The Chinese first lured us to the new product with official sketches that reveal, for example, the wing doors at the back (where have we seen them before?) or the shape of the headlights. Even the final form of the production car, leaked in patent images from the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, is no longer a secret. Although the production car is not so bold and looks more mundane, it will certainly attract a lot of attention on the street.

Photo: GAC

The more boring production version is quite different from the daring concept, but the American Tesla Model X does not deny a certain inspiration.

The Hyper HT is slightly smaller than the Model X, its length is slightly over 4.9 meters, the width only slightly exceeds the limit of 1.9 meters. In addition to wing doors, the Chinese novelty has frameless windows, a panoramic glass roof and cameras in the front fenders. Chinese buyers can choose nineteen- or twenty-inch wheels for the SUV-coupe.

Leaked information from the patent offices further reveals that the Hyper HT is getting three different levels of autonomous driving technology. We also learn that there is one electric motor working in the guts with a power of over 330 horsepower and a torque of 430 newton meters. The car accelerates from standstill to 100 km/h in 5.8 seconds, the maximum speed has not been revealed. So is the battery capacity, but the manufacturer talks about a range of 600 kilometers.

Photo: GAC

At the back, the resemblance to the Tesla is the least, but still obvious.

The interior has not yet been officially revealed, but according to Chinese sources, it will get a Tesla-like touchscreen through which most of the car’s functions will be controlled. The steering wheel is flattened at the top and bottom, the digital instrument panel is minimalistic, and there is a whole range of modern technology on board, including wireless smartphone charging.

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