Netflix has begun taking steps to expand its mobile gaming offerings. According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, subscribers will soon be in for a treat of popular Netflix productions converted into mobile gamesas Squid Game a Wednesday.

While mobile games aren’t exactly new to Netflix, they’re still struggling to find their place in the company’s business model. At the moment, the Netflix app encourages users to download and play games like Exploding Kittens: The Game or Ghost Detective in the app store. In time, however, Netflix subscribers will be able to play the games right on your smart TVs and computers. The streaming giant’s move into gaming is preceded by the recent release of a dedicated controller app for iOS devices that allows gamers to use their phone as a gamepad with a paired TV.

Since its inception, Netflix has never charged for its games, even within its gaming domain. To play on the phone a subscription is enough. However, it’s likely that this approach will pay off for Netflix, as its focus on creating games based on hit series could help maintain viewer interest, especially between seasons.

Currently, Netflix offers on its platform more than 70 games and plans to expand them further by the end of 2023. Netflix should continue to license non-series games such as Classic Solitaire.