Tesla comes with a new function to measure driver fatigue. The news is called Driver Drowsiness Warning and uses an in-cab camera that tracks the driver’s face, specifically facial characteristics of sleepiness such as yawning and blinking frequency. In addition, the system also monitors the overall driving behavior of the driver. If it detects signs of fatigue, it sends an alert to the vehicle’s display and sounds an alarm if the driver is not responding alarm inside the car.

New feature is optional and it can be turned off in the Controls menu, in the Security menu. However, Tesla recommends leaving it on, as drivers should not have to worry about the alarm being triggered even at times when there is no reason for it (as was previously the case with the function reacting to the alarm when the vehicle deviates from the center of the lane).

In any case, the Driver Drowsiness Warning system should always be activated when driving again turn on automatically. However, the function is only activated if the car exceeds a speed of 64 kilometers per hour and if the autopilot is not engaged. And even if there is a warning, the warning system will be deactivated if the speed falls below this value.

Source: engadget.com