Utility, great design and fun in one? The action version of the Japanese pick-up promises everything at once.

Toyota reports that the new GR Sport II is the best-handling Hilux in the model’s history. It has undergone interesting technical changes that can significantly improve driving characteristics.

At the front, the width of the front wheels has increased by 140 mm, the rear axle has increased by 155 mm. The clearance has increased by 20 mm, there are also new single-shell shock absorbers instead of double-shell shock absorbers, which, thanks to the larger area of ​​the pistons, are supposed to ensure more effective damping and faster response when driving off-road. Brakes are now disc on both axles (the rear was originally drum) and the new lighter 17″ wheels wear off-road tires. The proven 2.8-liter engine with 150 kW (204 hp) and 500 Nm of torque is responsible for the drive.

As the top version, the GR Sport II also has a specific design with a new front mask, dark accessories across the entire body and the necessary emblems. In the undercarriage you can notice the red painted coil springs and brake calipers.

TEST Toyota Hilux GR Sport (150 kW): Doesn't it make sense?  On the contrary, you probably won't find a more comfortable one

GR-style accessories can also be found inside on the dashboard, door panels and instrument panel graphics. You sit here in sports seats made of black leather and suede with silver stitching. The crew can enjoy the modern Toyota Smart Connect infotainment with an 8″ screen.

But it is still an honest worker, which can pull up to 3.5 tons and a ton on the body. The car will be offered as a double cab, will go on sale in the first half of next year, and will reach dealers in the second half of 2024.