In February, Meta launched a Telegram-like broadcast channels feature for Instagram, bringing it to the app one-way messaging feature. This allowed creators to contact their followers without having to post on their main page. Now the company is expanding the availability of broadcast channels and bringing it as well na Facebook a Messenger. Creators and public figures with Facebook Pages will now be able to easily send messages, including photos, videos and voice memos, to their community.

It is about one-way messaging tool, which means that only site administrators can post messages, but participants can respond to them and vote in polls. Admins can start a channel directly from their page, and Facebook will send a one-time notification to their followers after the first message is sent.

Broadcast channels will appear in users’ chats in the Messenger app under the tab marked Channels. Participants will receive a notification every time the page owner sends a message, however they can turn off these notifications.

But for now, the function not available to all users. However, that should change in the coming weeks.