After years of delays and design changes, the Tesla Cybertruck is finally here appear on public roads. Orders for the long-awaited luxury electric SUV will begin shipping to select customers from October 30mass production of the vehicle at the Texas Gigafactory should then begin next year.

At the same time, allegedly redesigns electrical architecture vehicle to suit 800 V standard, compared to the 400 V that the current range of Tesla cars has. Many luxury, powerful and heavy-duty electric car models (from the Audi e-Tron to the GMC Hummer EV) use the 800 V architecture, which enables electric cars with large battery capacities charge at a higher speed (thus shortening the charging time) without overheating.

“A lot of people are excited about Cybertruck,” Musk boasted to reporters on a call with investors on Wednesday. “Me too, it’s an amazing product. I want to emphasize that the achievement of serial production of the Cybertruck and the subsequent provision of positive cash-flow will represent a huge challenge.” According to him, the problem in this regard is mainly the fact that it is a very different and advanced car, but it must be offered to customers at a price they can afford.

As for existing model lines, Tesla’s production and deliveries this quarter fallen, by approximately seven percent, i.e. by roughly 30,000 units, but compared to the second quarter, they are still significantly higher year-on-year than in 2022. Tesla has repeatedly reduced the prices of its cars this year. Musk has previously explained his willingness to lower prices if it results in increased sales volume.