After the disappointment of the Lamborghini biopic, audiences are turning their expectations to the Ferrari film. It will have its public premiere later this year, so far it looks great, here is the second taste.

The conclusion of this year belongs to the premiere of the biographical feature film about the Italian giant Enzo Ferrari. He will be portrayed by 40-year-old Adam Driver. Michael Mann took the director’s chair and it must be added that the weight of huge expectations from the audience rests on his shoulders.

Lamborghini was created thanks to a broken clutch and the arrogant attitude of Enzo Ferrari.  Now its founder has received the highest honor

They want to whet their appetite for a similarly edited Lamborghini film about the life of Ferruccio and his journey from tractors to luxury sports cars. Unfortunately, the film did not excite the audience at all. In the reviews, they blame it for a boring plot, inaccuracies and poor acting. The rating of 52% on the ČSDF says it all. All the more they want to savor Mann’s picture.

Mann’s work mainly focuses on the stormy period of the second half of the 1950s, which is a tough test for Enzo. In 1956, his son Dino died, which understandably did not help the disputes within the family. Due to the unbalanced financial situation, his car company is on the verge of bankruptcy and Enzo needs to get a second wind through the legendary Mille Miglia race. The film is devoted to wheel-to-wheel combat with Maserati and skirmishes with Feruccio Lamborghini. In 1957, although Ferrari brought the desired victory in the Mille Miglia, but after a tragic accident, the Italian government banned races on ordinary roads.

Genius designer, pilot, womanizer and poultry farmer.  Carroll Shelby lived several lives, he would have celebrated 100 years

Now the second trailer is out, revealing even more of the gripping plot. Again, there are exciting battles on the track, tragic accidents, and a dramatic private life with his wife Laura, played by Penelope Cruz, and lover Lina Lardi, played by Shailene Woodley. Patrick Dempsey as Pier Taruffi, Jack O’Connell as Peter Collins and Gabriel Leone as Alfonso De Portago will be behind the wheel of the racing machines.

The film itself premiered for a selected company at the Venice Film Festival at the end of August. The closing credits were said to be followed by a seven-minute round of applause, which means that the piece was apparently a success. We still know the date of the American premiere planned for December 25. We do not yet know when the film Ferrari will arrive in Czech cinemas.