What are AI processors without apps that use them? Intel is probably asking this exact question. The company has just announced a new initiative AI PC Acceleration Programwhich is intended to help developers create new AI-powered features that will take advantage of upcoming Intel Core Ultra mobile chips.

Set to hit the market on December 14th, these processors are notable for being the first ever to feature as well neuron processing unit (NPU). Just as the GPU accelerates gaming tasks, the NPU accelerates AI workloads, such as the background blur feature in Studio Effects video chat in Windows 11. However, the NPU alone is not enough reason for users to buy a new laptop, so Intel needs to find a more compelling sales strategy.

So far, the AI ​​PC Acceleration Program includes over 100 software vendors and over 300 AI-powered features. Current participants include Audacity, Adobe, BlackMagic, Webex whether Zoom. As part of the program, Intel connects developers with AI toolkits like OpenVINO with design resources and marketing assistance. After all, this is new territory for most software developers, and help from Intel is welcome.

“This is not the first time that Intel has tried to push developers to create new features with artificial intelligence,” said Robert Hallock, Intel’s senior director of client technology and performance marketing. She created a similar initiative also for servers and data centersresulting in approximately 1,000 examples of AI-enabled software.

Developers will be able to apply to the AI ​​PC Acceleration Program online, and Intel will then determine if they qualify and what resources they will need.

Hallock notes that Intel’s efforts won’t be limited to the company’s NPUs, but should also run on AI hardware from AMD and Apple without too much trouble. In the future, he expects NPUs to become a common part of all computer processors.

Source: engadget.com