It only takes a few minutes in front of the TV or on the Internet to start going crazy over them. In fact, they attack you even while walking down the street. Advertisements. They are everywhere. They force you to buy things you don’t need, and they do it more and more aggressively like a bunch of gangsters with baseball bats. There is perhaps only one exception – car ads.

Car companies still maintain a certain level when creating their ads, because they do not deal in consumer goods, in fact, they probably do not even sell cars. Their task is to arouse passions, stand out in style and pluck the strings of your desires. In short, they are the best advertisements for products that are not only used for transportation, but are also a sign of prestige and lifestyle, an object of desire and dreams. So let’s take a look at the ones that have been most successful for car companies (and their advertising agencies).


Love for cars is often awakened by their appearance, which can win you over so much that you simply have to have them. Even if you can’t have them. This is shown by the example of a young Indian who fell in love with the shapes of the then new Peugeot 206 and made it himself by modifying the Hindustan Ambassador using a hammer, a welding machine, but also hitting the wall, and even an elephant. The result is dubious (it was actually a “crumpled” serial 206), but the ad is absolutely perfect – completely understandable without a single word being said. Bravo!

Peugeot 206 commercial.Video: Peugeot


That Germans have no sense of humor? Just look at the brilliant Mercedes ad with chickens dancing to Diana Ross music and demonstrating the benefits of the fancy Magic Body Control chassis. Clear, understandable, funny…brilliant!

Mercedes-Benz MAGIC BODY CONTROL reklama.Video: Mercedes-Benz


We won’t lie that the very first C4 was a particularly interesting car, but the style with which Citroën’s advertising sold it was unparalleled. When he transforms into a Transformer and starts dancing to the rhythms of the electronic hit by Les Rythmes Digitales, it will probably make you dance too. And the icing on the cake is the apt statement at the very end: “It comes to life thanks to technology.”

Citroën C4 “Transformers” advertising lamp.Video: Citroën


We were also selected by the Czech car company, which promoted the two-door Fabia in Great Britain through a video where a team of confectioners makes it as a dessert – because it is simply full of wonderful things. Everything is delivered with ease and again completely without words, yet everyone knows what it is about. And if you don’t have a gentle smile on your face after watching it, then you are heartless monsters.

Skoda Fabia “The Cake” commercial.Video: Too bad


The German brand is famous for its family cars and in its best advertisement it shows what family is all about – care, love and fulfilled dreams. So if your offspring wants to become the dark lord of the universe, you don’t just give them a pillowcase and send them to your room.

Volkswagen “The Force” commercial.Video: Volkswagen

Land Rover

Stuck in a boring job? Have you forgotten your dreams of adventure? Well, this is exactly the case when ads don’t sell cars, they sell dreams. Because the Discovery 4 could go anywhere, but most people only bought it to take their children to school anyway. At the same time, it would be enough to just want…

Land Rover „Been anywhere interesting lately?“ reklama.Video: Land Rover


“Isn’t it great when things just work?” The Japanese automaker, renowned for its engineering mastery, chose the best possible way to present it. They filmed the unique dominoes made of car parts in a single shot (albeit on about the 300th attempt) and completely without digital tricks (albeit with cleverly hidden weights so that the wheels would go up the hill by themselves, for example). An absolute masterpiece.

Honda “The Cog” commercial.Video: Honda


It was quite brave of Ford to “revive” Steve McQueen in his legendary role as Frank Bullitt for a mobile powder box ad. But since connoisseurs know how well the Puma drove, we’re willing to forgive them.

Ford Puma ad with Steve McQueen.Video: Ford


The best products sell themselves. Have you built a monster? Let him roar! The way Audi let its R8 roar with its ten-cylinder stripped bare and spitting flames. There is no need to add anything to this.

Audi R8 commercial.Video: Audi


You don’t see trucks in commercials very often, but when you do, it’s worth it – for example, when Volvo picked up Jean-Claude van Damme, famous for his gymnastic skills, and did an “epic leg break” with him, it got more than 100 million views.

Volvo advertising by Jean-Claude van Damme.Video: Volvo


That a boring car for boring businessmen cannot be “sold” in an interesting way? At least they tried that in Austin at one time, when they performed the “Gymkhana” with him in the parking lot under the office windows (with stuntman Russ Swift behind the wheel) before they even invented the word.

Austin Montego “Stunt Parking” commercial.Video: Austin


The decades-long association between the oil company Shell and the Ferrari racing team deserves to be celebrated – and why not with a beautiful advertisement, where Scuderia single-seaters from different time periods race through the streets of Rome, New York, Tokyo or Rio with the roar of engines, which will reliably make all your hair stand on end calf. You’d go and buy a full V-Power Racing right away, wouldn’t you…?

Shell a Ferrari reklama.Video: Shell

The best in the end: BMW

At one time, the Bavarian automaker decided to promote its cars through short films with famous Hollywood stars shot by famous directors. The very best, “Star”, has Clive Owen (as a driver), Madonna (as a spoiled prima donna) and a BMW M5 E39 (one of the best BMW M’s in history), has burnouts, skids and jumps (er, one jump, but PROPER) and the whole thing is delivered with the lightness and wit that only Guy Ritchie can do. And also with visible driving mastery – from shifting with the shifter to skidding with the handle to drifting with the snap of your fingers. Masterpiece.

BMW “Star” advertisement.Video: BMW

Did you enjoy a nice car peek? We bet you’ll watch some ads more than once because of how good they are – that’s why you don’t have to be ashamed at all. You can express your opinion in the poll, which one you liked the most, or write to us in the discussion which of your favorite advertisements we have forgotten.

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