Instagram is testing a new feature that will allow users to create stickers from your own photos (in some cases also photos of other users) and insert them into Reels or Stories. While Meta has also gone all-in on AI-generated stickers recently, this tool is much simpler. Basically only selects the most important subject in the photo and removes the backgroundthereby creating free floating stickerwhich can be placed over other content.

Adam Mosseri revealed that in addition to creating stickers from photos stored on the phone, users will be able to create them also from pictureswhich are available on Instagram and are suitable for such editing.

So far it is only about test version of this feature, and thus was not extended to all users. This also means that it can still change.

The platform also started testing a new one last week poll functionwhich will be display in the comments section under the posts in the feed. These polls will look similar to the ones in Stories, where they have been available to users in sticker form for several years. According to Mosseri, other users will be able to see how many people voted in a given poll.

It is obvious that Instagram is trying to enrich the user experience of its platform as much as possible and meet some of the user’s requests.